Contemporary interior lighting inspired by African tribal craft

It is our absolute love & constant amazement at our beautiful continent and home Africa that compels us to be ardent observers of its creative abundance in our search for inspiration.

The exquisite Ethiopian women of the Suri Tribe and their crafted adornments have inspired Surilight.

Surilight, is a series of interlocking circles that allow you to build & customize your own chandelier to create an elegant dripping cascade and dynamic ambient nest of crafted rings . 

Surilight is modular  self assembly configuration made up of optional components to choose from:

4 Silhouette Frames: Oval, Square, Round, Rectangle

3 Hanging frame sizes: Small, Medium, Large

3 Metallic finished Loops: Brass, Silver, Copper

3 Coated Steel Loop: Black, White, Red

8 Acrylic Loops: Diamond, Charcoal, Amber, Cabernet, Azure, Ocean, Sunset, Flamingo

To further enhance your Surilight we have scoured Southern Africa for perfect trims & adornments.

Ostrich egg shells, Nguni cow horn, recycled glass beads, Zulu weaving trims in copper & black. These adornments can be added to all the loops.

Surilight allows for an ever-changing array of options to build, to customise, play, embrace and love.

Thank you mother Africa for providing us with a continual and evolving source of inspiration.

Roche & Greg Dry {designers & founders Egg Designs} 

"Black as the night sky. We are born in true beauty. We are Africa."

 Richard Courbet